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schematic Samsung Hardware solution A20S

schematic Samsung Hardware solution A20S A207F

Hardware solution A20S-ِA207

Hello guys today's explanation is schematic Samsung Hardware solution A20S A207F In recent times with the download of the categories of Samsung models (A) .
Many malfunctions appeared in the parts of the motherboard for phones, such as lighting and data malfunctions, charging problems, power problems, as well as software problems.
Now with the article, we offer solutions and tracking paths to solve these problems. Do not worry, my friend. It is easy with following the scheme for the holidays with you. Now, let us show the plans and paths presented now to solve the problems

What are the problems that can be solved?

  • Fix Camara frontal A20s
  • Fix Cmara1 A20s
  • Fix Camara2 A20s
  • Fix Camara3 A20s
  • Fix Conector de bateria A20s
  • Fix Conector de display A20s
  • Fix Conector de usb pcb a20s
  • fix Power A20s
  • Fix Huella Fingr A20s
  • Min Bord A20s
  • Min Front A20s

How are these parts repaired? 

First, my friend, I know very well for every beginning an end, where the correct follow-up of the path and the accurate measurement of the value will benefit from reaching the defect and repairing the defect
The schematics of the mentioned malfunctions have been compiled into one file to make it easier to find them at any time. You can download below the topic. Enjoy.
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